Will Out of State Dealerships Honor a Vehicle Warranty?

If you are like most others, you probably just assume that your vehicle warranty will be valid at out of state dealerships. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. If your life often feels like it’s dictated by Murphy’s Law, then you know that the one time that you will need repair work done, you will likely be many miles from home. This is just the way things go sometimes.


Are You Covered Under Your Manufacturer’s Warranty?


If your vehicle is still covered under the original manufacturer’s warranty then you are in good shape. These warranties are honored anywhere in the country with the same service and options you would receive in your home town. Therefore, if your warranty covers towing, roadside service or a loaner vehicle, an out of state dealership will honor these as well because they are paid straight from the manufacturer to do so.


Is Your Extended Warranty Covered?


Here’s where determining if your repairs are covered or not gets a little tricky. Most big name warranties that dealerships sell or that you purchase online are nationally recognized. If you have paid for one that provides services throughout the country then more than likely, your vehicle will be covered wherever you go.


Now, there are also some warranty companies who only offer statewide coverage or sometimes specific regions. In this case, if you are within their coverage area, you will be covered. At the same time, some of these extended warranties do require that your vehicle be serviced at a same-make dealership. These types of warranties can also be available as nation-wide varieties as well.


This simply means that if you drive a Ford, you have to have your service work done at Ford dealership. Not a big deal if you drive a car made from one of the Big Three. However, if you drive something like an Audi, Volkswagen or other imports, finding a same-like dealer could pose a challenge depending on where you are traveling to.


Do You Have an In-house Warranty?


You would think that most people who have an in-house warranty would know it but sadly, not all do. Many people forget to ask and the person selling the warranty neglects to touch on this key point.


What an in-house warranty does is provide you with the agreed upon services as long as you have the work done in their dealership. If this is the type of warranty that you have then your vehicle will most certainly not be covered at out of state dealerships.


It is always recommended to take your time when choosing a warranty. This is a rather important purchase that could have more of a positive or negative effect than you might imagine. Ask questions and make sure that you know exactly what you are buying. If you already have a warranty and you’re not really sure of your coverage, make an appointment with your salesperson and ask them to go over it with you. Alternatively, the Service Department Manager can usually answer your questions as well.

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