Why NYC Drivers are Dumber Than North Carolina Drivers

Unfortunately, North Carolina motorists did not display excellent scores for the GMAC Insurance NDT (National Driver’s Test) for 2011; however, they seemed to have done finer than their equals in New York did.

Those details were one of the outcomes distributed on Thursday from Winston Salem-based GMAC Insurance. The chief result was that almost 1/5 United States’ motorists were unable to pass the GMAC assessment. Around 18% of partakers in the study were unsuccessful at passing the test, which calculates to around 36,900,000 US motorists. The nationwide middle score improved to some extent, to 77.9%, in comparison to previous scores for 2010.

North Carolina did not remotely perform as well. Take the Tar Heel State, for instance. They came in at placement 36, having a score of almost 77, elevated from #37 in the year 2010, however lower than the year 2009, which was when NC came in at the 20th position in scoring, a score of 78.2.

The state of New York ended in position 45, having a score of 75.3, which was an increase following the Empire State, which ended up in the last placement with scoring, three consecutive years. Washington, DC fell into the final position for scores.

In total, a few 34% of motorists in NY and DC were unsuccessful at passing the GMAC Insurance test.

As stated by Scott Eckman, the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of GMAC Insurance, “Every driver requires a review course regarding the laws of the motorway and it starts with training.” In his continuation, he says, “We are in hopes that this year’s GMAC Insurance NDT (National Driver’s Test) outcomes will be an inspiration and will support each driver with the skills necessary to drive safely.”

Whilst Wyoming displayed the bottommost failure percentage, having just 1/20 motorists who failed the GMAC Insurance test, Kansas displayed the uppermost score, which was 82.9%.

GMAC Insurance remains one of the biggest motor vehicle insurers nationwide. The driving tests exist to show statistics regarding US drivers and the results show just how many individuals are in reality not safe drivers. The National Driver’s Test is used as an encouragement for every driver, so each one will educate him or herself regarding the “rules of the road” and avoid future vehicle accidents.

Any individual can participate in the GMAC test and retrieve the complete 2011 test outcomes at this web page located on the GMAC web site.

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