When Should You Buy Your Vehicle Warranty?

Buy that car warranty as soon as you buy the car. Sure you can buy it later, but as the car gets older the claims rate will only go higher, so you will save more money in the long run by buying right away. This way you are locking in the rates while they are still low. The laws of the universe say that claims rates will always go up, and that’s not about to change. Getting that $0 deductible warranty will pay for itself easily.

Any good car warranty company will offer 0% financing, so if you think you can’t afford to protect your vehicle, think again! Oh, and here is another reason for not getting a warranty from the dealer. They will often finance the warranty too, but they will often use the same interest rate as your loan. So if you have 10% or 12% loan then you will pay that much on yoru warranty as well. Why bother with the car dealerships when you can find plenty of warranties that have 0% financing. You didn’t think it would be so easy to get mechanical protection on your car did you?

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