Warning! The Cheapest Warranty May Cost You MORE Money

When a warrany company cuts their rates so they can beat their competition, something has to give. This means that they must reject more claims to keep their rates as low as possible. So don’t buy a warranty based ONLY on price.

The whole reason you are looking for a warranty is to save money, right? Well by getting the cheapest price you can get you will end up spending way more when your transmission goes out and your cheap skate warranty company will not cover you for one excuse or another. The cost of auto repairs can really add up, so go for quality and reputability first, and THEN search for a cost effective solution for your vehicle.

So sure, you may think you are getting the deal of the century, but then what happens when your transmission goes out on you and you are stuck with the bill.  No matter how cheap the extended warranty is… it just doesn’t matter until you know they are going to pay for the repairs.  That’s why you should avoid any scammy type of businesses that don’t have a solid reputation.  Trust me, it’s not worth the frustration of getting stuck with a bill when the whole reason you signed up in the first place was so that you would never have to pay for things like car repairs again.

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