Toyota: World’s Greenest Car Company

What does it mean to be named the greenest car company in the world? Well, statistically speaking, the ranked 64.19 points makes Toyota the leader overall, just ahead of the 3M Corporation. Among the top 20 companies, car manufacturers from Korea, Japan and Germany have been named as well a little car company from Detroit known as Ford.

Such companies like Johnson & Johnson, and Siemens also make the list and are leaders in trying to develop and integrate green technology to their companies. Some argue that being the “greenest” may simply mean not being the “most harmful” to our environment.

The Study by the Interbrand Company

The study, which recognized Toyota as being the “Greenest Car Company in the World”, pooled not only public information but also public perception of a company’s overall efforts to attain and create green technology.  The survey used over 10,000 consumers from markets in Europe, Asia, South America and Asia.

Toyota has been widely noted for its innovations with green technology in developing the Prius. The company has developed many other noteworthy hybrid vehicles as well. Interbrand’s calls Toyota a leader, setting the example of putting the environment at the core of management priority, while engaging meaningfully with the world audience about environmental issues.

Toyota’s stride towards being green continued by recently installing an entire solar wall to produce power at its factory in Valenciennes, France. In addition, Toyota added its creation of the world’s first “Green Transport Ship”. Toyota continues to move forward with plans at its logistics center in Zeebrugge, Belgium by installing wind turbines.

Toyota’s Green Transport Ship, the Auriga Leader

The Auriga Leader is a transport vessel that delivers thousands of cars to the port of Long Beach, California. The vessel delivers vehicles branded Toyota, but also Scion and Lexus. In 2009, Toyota fitted its transport ship, the Auriga Leader with 328 solar panels.

The power produced by the panels, which generate up to 40 kW of electricity, help reduce the demand on the transport ship’s diesel engines. Typically, the vessel will burn approximately 120 gallons of diesel fuel per one fuel mile. With the addition of massive NiMH batteries and the solar power generated by the panels the Auriga Leader now saves approximately 13 tons of fuel annually. The vessel’s emissions have also been cut by at least 40 tons as well.

13 Tons surely is only a drop in the bucket in the overall fuel consumption a ship like this can burn annually. It comes down to the old saying – “Is your glass half full or is it half empty?” Critics will cite that the remaining fuel consumption and emissions are anything less than Earth friendly, while others will praise the automaker for its attempt to move forward by attempting to decrease its carbon footprint.

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