The World’s Top 10 Best Selling Cars

There have been millions of cars sold to date all around the world, but some were just so good that they made this list. It’s not always the most obvious cars that made this list because remember, it’s for the world. Count down with us and see if you can guess any of the cars in the world’s top 10 bestselling cars!

10 – Chevrolet Impala (1958 to present)

This 4 door family saloon has sold over 14 million to date, which is a surprisingly high number of cars considering it never really made it out of the USA. The car features conservative looks with a value price tag, the secret to any mass market saloon car.

9 – Volkswagen Passat (1973 to present)

This VW has sold over 14.1 million models since the release. We’ve seen the car go through various redesigns but it still exists in a good volume all around the world, especially in continental Europe and the UK where drivers appreciate the solid build quality, practicality and modest price.

8 – Honda Accord (1976 to present)

This Japanese saloon has sold over 15.8 million in its life. The accord was bought by the masses throughout Asia because it was an attractive car with sporting pretensions and made a good choice for the average family. It has seen many face-lifts since the 70s but is still with us.

7 – Ford Model T (1908 to 1927)

This Ford sold a total of 16.5 million models. The Model T was the first car to be massed produced and came in a variety of interesting colours. “Any colour as long as its black” was the famous slogan. The Model T enjoying a long life selling to most families who could afford cars at the time, a true motoring icon.

6 – Honda Civic (1972 to present)

The Civic has sold over 17.7 million to date. This Honda hatchback has sold so well across the world because of its sporty look and great handling. There have been ‘Type R’ models representing the hot hatch market and the original Civic still appeals to an older generation giving it universal appeal.

5 – Ford Escort (1968 to 2000)

The Ford Escort has sold over 20 million since it went into production. This iconic ford was loved by the masses because it drove well, was practical, the parts and services were cheap and the car itself presented amazing value. Loved by boy racers and families around the UK.

4 – Volkswagen Beetle (1938 to present)

The VW Beetle has sold over 22 million since 1938 and has become a long standing icon of motoring. This car went on to provide the loose template for the Porsche 1911 and still remains one of the most iconic motors in history. These sales numbers back that that.

3 – Volkswagen Golf (1974 to present)

This is the 3rd Volkswagen to appear in this list and the Golf has sold in excess of 25 million. The Golf is the ultimate hatchback, offering great drivability and quality to the mass market. The GTi models have also gone done as great for drivers who want a complete package.

2 – Ford F-Series (1948 to present)

The F-Series is the surprise result in this list, selling over 30 million units. This car still sells remarkably well in the USA because of its great price, versatility and powerful engine. You don’t see many anywhere else though

1 – Toyota Corolla (1966 to present)

The Corolla has sold more than 32 million cars and is the top selling car in the world. Bought by a worldwide marketing, but predominantly in Asia, the Corolla stands for all the values of Toyota including great value and above all, outstanding reliability. Who knows how long it will stay at number one.

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