The Top 5 Vehicle Accidents in the ‘Final Destination’ Series

Final Destination brought a whole new concept to horror fans back in 2002, rather than focusing on the tangible, visible protagonist, Final Destination portrayed the idea of a silent, relentless and insidious killer, death himself. The film focused on a group of friends flying to Paris, one of the bunch pre-empts a fatal plane crash and convinces some of the others to abandon the trip. Sure enough the plane suffers a catastrophic malfunction, killing all the passengers.

Having evaded certain death certain death, the group now face an imminent and unavoidable grisly at the hands of fate itself. Whether it be a lack of inventiveness or a simple propensity toward the efficiency of the method, ‘death’ seems to favor vehicles as a method for bumping off these youthful coffin-dodgers, a trend that looks like being carried into the latest iteration of the series, the recently announced, Final Destination 5.

Here is my list of the top five vehicle-based deaths in the celebrated series;


1.       Airbag death (Final Destination2)

Strangely, in this case the vehicle responsible is not moving. Ironically it is a feature designed to make the vehicle safer that causes poor Kat to have her head impaled on a suitably razor-sharp piece of broken pipe when her rescuer inadvertently sets off the air bag when trying to cut her free of the wreck!


2.       Bus Stop (Final Destination)

In a much less complicated chain of events, this scene from the first film features a hapless teen strolling into the road into the path of an oncoming bus. Five tonne hunk of steel 1, dumb teen, nil!


3.       Fatal Gridlock (Final Destination 2)

This scene really embodies the Final Destination spirit, a huge chain reaction that obliterates death’s targets as well as dozens of innocent bystanders. Triggered by a loose piece of timber on the back of a truck, the resulting pile up features explosions galore!


4.       Death at the Drive-Thru (Final Destination 3)

If ever there was a reason to make your order at the drive-thru window more hastily in future (apart from minimising the time you have to look at the lobotomised, acne-riddled teenager serving you) then this is it. Mind you I’d personally find having my skull decimated by an engine fan than eat any of the tripe that such fast food restaurants peddle!


5.       Bridging the Gap

Final Destination 5 is just around the corner and the trailer certainly suggests that there will be more deaths that are gruesome and highly unlikely in equal measures. In keeping with the Automobile-themed deaths, the Fifth instalment looks to build on Final Destination 2’s spic pile-up with a road bridge collapse.



Joe is a horror movie fan and car lover who drives a BMW 3 Series. He is yet to have accident… Touch wood!

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