The Problems with Car Insurance for Japanese Imports

There are benefits to owning imported cars like Japanese imports. Before taxes, the initial cost for the import is less than what you would pay for a non-imported car. A lot of Japanese imports perform better than American cars, and people love the bragging rights they have by owning a stylish and unique import.

However, even with all of the outward benefits of owning a Japanese import, obtaining insurance for the car can be difficult. Here are two problems that people have with import car insurance.

Difficult to find

Probably the number one problem that a person will have with Japanese import car insurance is finding some. Many insurance companies will not cover import cars in their policy. There are a few reasons for this.


Import cars may not be up to the safety standards to the country it is imported to. Insurance companies do not know the crash test ratings for imported cars; if any for some cars. Because of this, they do not want to take the risk of insuring a vehicle that may be dangerous to drive on public roads.


It is not a matter of if a car breaks down, it is a matter of when a car breaks down. The cost of importing new parts for the car and find a mechanic that will repair the car may cost the insurance company more than budgeted. Insurance companies rather insure domestic vehicles with parts available immediately.


The other main problem that someone might have with imported car insurance is the cost. Some imported cars have different designed bodies than local domestic vehicles. Many insurance companies do not know the standard pricing for imported cars, so if they do insure an import, they will most likely set the premium at a high rate. This can cause unnecessary headaches for the owner. Even if the driver has a clean record and excellent insurance credit, import cars are considered high risk to many companies.


There are things you can do to make import insurance shopping easier. You can search online for insurance companies that specialize in Japanese imports. It is important to compare quotes among companies. These specialist companies can provide you with information about discounts for shipping costs, where to find inexpensive parts, and help you customize your policy.

Owning a Japanese import car does not have to be difficult. You should be able to enjoy the savings and style of your car without worrying about your insurance company and their premiums. Take the information you learn to help you refine your search for a Japanese import car insurance.

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