The High Cost of Speeding Tickets

If you have been the recipient of a speeding ticket, you know they are not fun. They are such a waste of your hard earned cash and they are also preventable.  A speeding ticket can also cost you money in others ways, such as paying a higher car insurance rate or even worse, a suspension of your license.  For those who want to avoid ever getting a speeding ticket, here are a few tips that will allow you to skip those negative consequences.

Your first tip is to know your area.  This means you need to know where the speed traps are. The common locations are near schools and where down hills will let gravity effect your speed unknowingly and at the bottom is a police car waiting for you.  A speeding ticket that is given in a school or construction zone will certainly cost you more than one given on the freeway.  Anytime you see that twenty-five mile speed limit sign, glance at your current speed because it is hard to tell twenty-five from thirty but that is enough to get you a ticket for speeding.

When all else fails, just drive a the posted limit.  This might not be the tip you were expecting to read here but the fact is, if you speed you can be ticketed.  Staying within the speed limits is easier than always watching for that black-and-white car waiting in the shadows hoping to catch you breaking the law.  Anytime you drive aggressively you will draw attention to yourself.  Tailgating and changing lanes frequently are just two signs that you already know are dangerous and they are also behaviors that catch the eye of the police.

On the freeways, we have all at one time or another noticed that one car that comes flying up behind you and zips past and disappear ahead of you.  This makes you wonder if they are just lucky or don’t care what the ticket will cost them.  If you keep your speed just a little slower than those other cars around you, you are less likely to be pulled over.  Remember that the police car can only pull over one car at a time so if you stay in a pack of cars, and you are all going the same speed, then you will discover there is safety in numbers.  You can also stay behind another car that is going the speed you want to travel.  That lead-car will be the one targeted by the police.  Remain in the middle of a pack if you can and then it will be the front car that trips the radar and gets pulled over, not you.  The cost of speeding tickets are always in the hundreds of dollars and nobody wants to empty their wallet for that cost.  Drive smart and drive safe and you will be able to keep your cash in your wallet where it belongs.

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