Some Of The Oldest Cars Still On The Road Today

Some of the Oldest Cars Still on the Road Today

The motorcar as an invention has only been in existence just over 100 years – which really isn’t that long, at all. But during those years, we’ve seen huge advancements, massive improvements and incredible innovations. And just like the animal kingdom, cars tend to live by a natural selection notion where-by the best tend to live and the worst tend to die. So with that being said, what are the oldest cars still on the road today?

De Dion, Bouton & Trépardoux, 1884, La Marquise.

Made in France in 1884, the La Marquise was one of the first cars ever invented. It was by no-means ‘genesis’, because a few British and American efforts preceded it, but the La Marquise can still hold its head up strong in being the oldest car that is still on the road and working.

It was sold in 2007 for a mind-blowing $3,250,000 to someone who likes fuelling their cars with coal, paper and some wood. Brave man.

Ford Model T

One of the most iconic motorcars from the early 20th century has to be the Ford Model T. This was the car that was the nub; the one that was the first to be sold in high numbers. It was the car that helped cement the motorcar into the public’s consciousness.

It’s this high volume output that means that there are still plenty of them working today. Despite some being over 80-years-old, the Model T continues to thrill and work… sort of.

1931 Duesenberg

Jay Leno has more passion about cars in his little finger than most enthusiasts do in their entire body, and if you don’t believe that, just look at his garage. The man owns and runs some of the rarest cars ever made, but none more so than the 1931 Duesenberg he bought in 2008. Thought to be one of only three in existence, the Duesenberg was respectfully restored and now runs beautifully.

It’s guys like Leno who continue to help the world to see old cars that they’ve never heard of before.

Auto Union Type D

Another oldie, but this time it’s the ultra-rare Auto Union Type D. This car was basically a racing car for Hitler’s Nazi party; he demanded the engineers to create something that would destroy anything else on the planet – and it did.

After someone found an Auto Union Type D in a shed, the world’s car enthusiasts skipped a collective heartbeat, as the possibility to re-start one of the rarest and most successful racing cars ever became too much to handle.

According to reports, the one of the last remaining Type D’s is still in working order.

Austin 7

The Austin 7 truly revolutionised how we saw the motorcar. It was the first mass-market car to feature the generic layout: pedals, a key-start and a gear knob in the middle. It sounds basic but this addition – which was stolen from an expensive Cadillac – helped secure the motorcar as a viable and easy to use form of transport.

Without the 7, countries such as India and Germany may never have become the motoring powerhouses that they are today. We owe a lot to this little car.

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