How Young Drivers Can Cut Down On Motoring Costs

Guest post by Jennifer:

High motoring costs and young drivers, these two go hand in hand and have done for quite some time. As someone starting out in life, most likely with a low income and possibly in full time education, there couldn’t be a worse time to be faced with these costs. Unfortunately they’re inevitable however even though these costs must be paid; there are ways young drivers can cut down on their motoring costs.
Saving money on motoring starts even before you pass your test. For those learning to drive the cost of lessons can eat into the budget that’s very much needed for purchasing the first car. An easy way to cut costs here would be to get lessons from friends and family members.

Of course it can be difficult finding family members who are willing to let you loose in their car, but you will find that people will generally be more accommodating once you’ve had a few professional lessons.

When it comes to buying your first car, there are a few ways in which money can be saved. If you can afford to buy a newer car then you will do well on fuel efficiency, but the likelihood for most people is that they will be buying a second hand car.

When it comes to buying a second hand car, you should always focus on reliability. Of course a lot will depend on how well the car has been looked after during its lifetime but generally speaking the best deals on older cars are on reliable brands.

Shop about for cars with a proper service history, and the documents to back this up. Buying private rather than from a dealer can be cheaper, but for many this is more nerve racking and as a car is such a large purchase they prefer to buy their first one from a well known name. This is fine, however if you do decide to purchase privately it is recommended that you bring someone along, a friend or family member who has been driving for a while and has purchased a few cars in his or her lifetime.

Shop around for your insurance. Car insurance for young drivers can be quite expensive, and it’s important to spend a little time comparing quotes from different insurance companies. Look out for companies with specific schemes for young drivers. These companies understand how difficult it is for young drivers to find affordable car insurance and have designed special policies with your needs in mind.

Finally, if you are based in the UK take the Pass Plus course. You can often cut as much as 10% off the cost of car insurance when you complete this course and unlike your driving test, there won’t be any test to pass at the end.

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