How to Never Be Denied a Claim for an Extended Car Warranty

Here are some tips to make sure you never get denied coverage when you make a claim with your warranty company:

Always Get Approval Before Repairs Are Done.

By getting approval before you get the repairs done it makes sure you cannot be denied. Even if it’s a hassle to wait for approval it’s worth it in the end. Never just assume your contract will cover anything that happened to the car.

Let Them Inspect the Car for Pre-existing Conditions.

If they want to check out the car themselves, why not? This is only bad for you if you have something to hide. If they check out the car and everything looks ok, then they cannot claim the car had pre-existing conditions, so this is actually good for you.

Get Regular Oil Changes.

Most warranties say you have to get an oil change at least every 6 months, but you should just go ahead and get it done every 3 months. By getting regular oil changes they cannot blame you when the car falls apart because you at least did your part in doing proper maintenance. Having a car warranty does not mean that you can just neglect your car. If anything, it should encourage you to take good care of it.

Don’t Keep Driving if Your Car Overheats.

This is called continued operation. If you keep driving your car when it is overheating they will not cover you. And this will cause more damage too, which will also not be covered. Just pull over the car and call a tow truck. After all, free towing should be offered with your warranty anyway.

Keep Up Regular Maintenance.

You need to constantly make sure that your fluids are all at their proper levels and that the necessary filters are being changed on a regular basis as well. If you let the collant levels be really low and then had some over heating problems you may not be covered.

Be Careful in Buying Used Cars.

If a certain part on your car breaks down and they find out that the problem was there before, it will not be covered.

Be Careful of After Market Upgrades.

Some of these after market installs can actually void the warranty. For instance, if you have major upgrade done on the car that is not from the factory (like a tow hitch), it is possible that you will not longer be covered.

Stay Away from ANY Salvaged Vehicle.

Sure you can get a great deal on a salvaged car but it will void any car warranty out there. I have looked and not found any warranty that will cover a salvaged title. So make sure you check the carfax and do your research before you buy that car from your neighbor.

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