How to Keep Your Car Warranty Valid

If you already have a warranty on your vehicle than you already know how much money it can save you… not to mention the peace of mind if provides.  But you also need to make sure that you keep your car warranty valid so that your protection plan is not voided.  Here are a few basic ways you can keep that warranty valid and enjoy protection against breakdowns for many miles to come.

First of all, there are a few laws that help protect you from nasty dealerships.  It used to be that a dealership would demand you bring the car back to them for any mechanical work in order to keep your warranty active, but thanks to some new legislation this is no longer the case and you can take your car to any dealership or mechanic shop that you want.  Now, your warranty may not always compensate you for using certain mechanics but they are not allowed to void the warranty because you used a certain mechanic or used a certain brand of parts to get your car repaired.

One of the easiest ways to void your auto warranty is to not keep regular oil changes and take care of basic maintenance issues.   If your warranty company ever has an issue with a claim they will check your records, so you will also want to keep meticulous records of every little detail.   If you are neglecting these basic needs for your car, then you can easily lose that coverage.

Always read all of that fine print that comes along with the policy you choose.  You may be surprised what is in there.  Usually, as long as you just use some common sense and don’t try to beat the system you will be fine.  There are always those jerks out there who want to beat the system and gain from it rather than just benefit from the wonderful aspects of a car warranty, so that’s why these companies have to have these safeguards in place.

By taking care of all preventative care issues your vehicle may have you are helping to protect what is protecting you.  So don’t let your warranty become invalid because of neglect.  Your car will appreciate you more as well=)

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