How to Choose the Best Mechanic for Your Vehicle

When you first bought your vehicle, you probably enjoyed the freedom of driving it for months on end without having to hire a mechanic to fix it. Now that your automobile has aged, you probably need to hire a mechanic a few times a year to deal with the malfunctions that seem to pop out of nowhere.

Since most repairs require a lot of skill and effort, hiring a mechanic can get very expensive. Obviously, you want to spend your money on a talented mechanic who can get the job done quickly without compromising quality. Taking the time to find the best mechanic for your vehicle could save you from spending more time and money than necessary trying to fix the problem.

Look for Certified Mechanics

The first thing you should consider when deciding whether to hire a mechanic is if he has certification. The NIASE is a national program with an objective to test and certify automotive professionals who meet the standards that they have set. Mechanics must have two years of field experience and they must pass a test that the ASE pros created to receive certification.

Skill with Make, Model, Year

A mechanic might be able to work miracles on a 1987 Chevrolet Blazer, yet a malfunctioning 2011 Hyundai Elantra may stump them completely. Obviously, not all vehicles are the same. There are specialized doctors and there are specialized mechanics. Hire a mechanic that has a reasonable amount of experience fixing your automobile, right down to the make, model, and year.

Excellent Communication

Most mechanics provide their customers with written estimates before they fix the vehicle. Usually, mechanics make these written estimates before even looking at your car. Once the mechanic has inspected the car, he may have to make changes to the estimate.

A mechanic with excellent communication will tell you about extra charges and he will ask you for permission to continue fixing the car. The last thing you want is a mechanic who surprises you with extra charges once he’s done with his work.

Many people feel tempted to settle for mediocrity instead of shopping around for the mechanic best suited for the job. Those who do this understand the consequences when they pick up their vehicle and find that it’s obviously not fixed. On top of that, they may have to pay extra charges that they never even knew about.

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