How to Buy New Cars and Not Get Taken for a Ride

Stepping into a dealership for a new car is like taking a dive in a shark tank. They’ll circle you, size you up, and before you know it, pressure you into purchasing or trick you into thinking they’re on your side and you’re getting a good deal.

Before you look into buying new cars, take these steps to ensure you’re ready for the challenge.

Don’t Finance at the Dealership

The dealership has financing scams and higher rates than if you went elsewhere. There are car loan sites that can offer a lower APR on both new and used cars than banks and approval is in mere minutes. You apply and you’ll get the check the next day. Before you go in for your new car, have your financing info with you and see if they can match the your online car loan approval.

Do your Pricing Research

Do your online research before you enter the dealership. Most importantly, bring this research with you. It shows the salesperson you’ve done the legwork and know the right price you should pay.

You’ll want to bring a list of invoice pricing for the cars you’re interested in, including all the added options. If the dealer tells you your prices are incorrect, you can tell them most cars increase no more than $200 between model years, making your pricing pretty close.

Make your Intensions Clear … then Keep your Mouth Shut

The first and most important step after you are greeted at the dealership is to tell them you definitely aren’t buying a car today, but rather researching your options.

Then, keep your mouth shut. You need to get the pricing and option info from the MSRP sticker. If they ask any questions, just say that you’re not sure and are only looking at this point. If they ask you about your trade-in, don’t tell them. If they ask you about the monthly payments you had in mind, tell them you don’t negotiate based on monthly payments, but rather its price. This holds true for any large purchase you make. If you are looking into trailers for sale, start by going on fact-finding missions, never buying the first time you check out the trailer.

Test Drive the Right Way

The best way to test drive is by keeping as quiet as possible so you can focus on reviewing the car accurately. As you’re testing driving, act unimpressed. Take a test drive in the daytime, but if you’re serious about the car, go back in the evening to test drive again. I found the car I loved was a complete disappointment when it had crappy headlights.


Guest Author Byline  This post brought to you by guest blogger Michelle Anderson who enjoys blogging about how to get the best deal on cars and new or used trailers for sale.


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