Fuel Efficient Cars on the Rise as UK Motoring Costs Increase

As the cost of car insurance and fuel increases, a new interest in fuel efficient cars could lead to more models on the road.
It’s getting more and more expensive to own a car. If you’re a driver, this probably isn’t news to you. In the UK the cost of petrol is now the highest in Europe, and have now soared past the £6 a gallon mark. Is there an end in sight? Without wanting to come across as a pessimist, it really does seem unlikely.

To add to this the cost of car insurance has increased over the last year, due to a number of factors. Personal injury claims have been cited as one major reason as to why this is the case, as has staged car accidents – the number of which has risen dramatically over the past year. As with fuel costs, it’s expected that car insurance costs are going to continue to rise, with some experts believing this could be by as much as forty percent.

The solution, many believe, is fuel efficient cars. Originally shunned as hippymobiles, fuel efficient cars are now being seen as a new light. Their smaller engines mean insurance costs are often lower, while their improved miles per gallon fuel efficiency means motorists will also save money on the cost of fuel.

In fact it seems as many as 50% of UK drivers are considering switching their car to a more fuel efficient model in order to save on fuel costs, with 10% of those surveyed saying car insurance was also responsible for the desire to switch.
So, if you are thinking of switching, which cars are available on the market?

In the UK, the most economical car on sale is the Smart ForTwo dci diesel which returns an amazing 85.6mpg. No this isn’t the fastest car out there, so if you’re looking for a getaway vehicle for your next bank heist this probably isn’t it. It is however incredibly fuel efficient and very well priced, the only downside being that it’s only a two seater.

In second place, according to an article on MSN, is the Toyota Auris Hybrid T4 which uses the same petrol-electric running gear as the Prius and returns an incredible 74.3mpg average fuel economy.

Although the Prius wins on the open stretch of road the Auris is better in the city. When it comes down to choosing between the two, your decision should be based on whichever is more suited to your lifestyle.
So if you’re getting worried by the news of the rise in car insurance and fuel prices, and are looking for smart ways to cut costs and still keep the car, a fuel efficient model could just be the answer.


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