Do I Need an Extended Car Warranty if I have a Manufacturer’s Warranty

Asking if you need an extended warranty for your car if you already have a manufacturer’s warranty on your new car is a common question.  Many people are misguided and think they will just have double coverage and hence do not need another car warranty.

But here are some facts about car warranties:

  • By getting an extended warranty while the car is new you are able to lock in a lower rate.   If you wait for the manufacturer’s warranty to expire and then try to buy an extended warranty you will notice considerably higher rates every month.    So this will help protect you from any rate increases in the future.
  • With an extended warranty you are also able to get extra services that your manufacturer’s warranty probably does not offer like road side assistance.  What good is a warranty if you break down in the middle of no where and have to pay for a tow truck to get you somewhere to get the car fixed?  Or think of how nice it would be to be able to get free assistance if you lock your keys in your car or it simply will not start.   Not only are you locking in these low rates but you are also able to get some fancy extras.
  • With many good warranty companies you can get not only mechanical breakdown but also “wear and tear” coverage.  This is the best kind of coverage you can get because it will cover even minor things on the car that can really add up.  With an older car there will be more “wear and tear” issues so it’s good to lock in a low rate while the car is new and still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

So even if you have a new car, getting a good warranty program can be very beneficial and keep you from ever having to shell out cash to a mechanic out of your pocket.  And by the time that new car warranty expires your used car warranty can kick right in and save you money and give you some peace of mind as well.

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