Choosing the Right Car – Automotive tips

Choosing the Right Car – Automotive tips


Buying and actually keeping a car on the road is hard work, not helped with all the maintenance that comes with cars and let’s not go there with buying a second hand motor – it’s just so hit and miss! No doubt you will have a friend who has wheels that keep on rolling day after day, yet it always feels like my car is consistently breaking down and costing me a fortune – and not just at the petrol station.

With the economy in a bit of a state from the recent financial crisis and the storm of protests across the seas – throughout the middle east threatening to inflate the price of petrol on our four courts we need to look at ways in which we can get the right vehicle at the right price.

Budgeting for a vehicle is one of the most important considerations when buying a car (and not using credit or higher purchase). Knowing how much you can actually afford and the maximum you can stretch too needs to be adhered too.

Did you know that buying from a forecourt is more expensive than buying from a classifieds section or by auction? Should you choose to shop online major benefits include: variety and often a better deal, at the end of the day. On the flip side a warranty provided by a dealer is invaluable and provides fantastic peace of mind for you and your vehicle. It’s up to you, just bear in mind – you get what you pay for, also individuals probably have less knowledge of car value, a good chance to grab a bargain.

Check the mileage of the vehicle against what is recommended in a car buying manual such as parkers or the auto trader’s recent addition, doing this will give you an insight into the vehicles remaining road worthiness; compare this to the service history and any receipts, the log book provides some of the most valuable information into the cars history and can help you detect a stinker from a great deal.

I always take someone with me who knows their stuff, my friend is a mechanic and every car I’m looking to buy for myself or others – I take him with me. Anyone with a bit of experience can be invaluable help in spotting things you don’t have a clue about or might well have missed – even the most automotive savvy mechanic misses things from time to time.

Once you own your car, look after it as you would a brand new one and the chances are it will last for years yet, till you come to sell it on and are in the position of passing it to new owners (rather than the scrap dealers!).


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