Yes, you CAN get a warranty for your high mileage vehicle.

There are actually warranties that will cover any car, any year, not matter how many miles are on it. This being said most of the time it will only be a mechanical breakdown warranty and “wear and tear” will not be included. They cannot include “wear and tear” on a really old car because, let’s […]

How Can a Used Car Warranty Help You

You have probably heard a lot of good and bad things about used car warranties.  That is probably because there are some good companies out there and there are some really bad ones that you should try to stay away from.  But if you are still on the fence on getting an auto warranty in […]

More Automotive Extended Warranty Myths

There are a lot of different thoughts and misconceptions related to an automotive extended warranty that many people think are true. The fact of the matter is that if you do not fully understand car warranties you may end up paying more than you need to. You might also end up purchasing something that really […]

Extended Warranty for Cars – What to Ask

Anyone that is considering an extended warranty for cars will want to be sure that they have a few things answered before they commit to anything in particular. It is always best to fully understand what type of warranty you are buying for your car before you start paying for something that you might not […]