Meet the BMW M5 Concept

The new BMW M5 concept certainly has heads turning. Although BMW stresses this as a concept vehicle, it looks almost ready for production, similar to what happened before the release of the BMW 6 Series Cabriolet recently, which was almost unchanged from the concept. Having gone back to the drawing board with the model, the […]

Bizarre Car Theft Stories

Having your car stolen is a terrible ordeal. The feeling you get when you arrive at the parking spot where you left your vehicle and seeing nothing but air is a difficult thing to digest. Many people will walk around hoping that they had actually parked somewhere else, but eventually reality sets in and you […]

What are the best cars for city living?

When you’re looking for a car for city driving, there are some key factors to consider, not least fuel economy – overcrowded roads mean you’re unlikely to spend much time cruising in 5th gear and fuel prices are forever going up. Low emissions are another consideration – vehicles with extremely low C02 emissions are exempt […]

Bizarre New Forms of Fuel for Cars

When most people want to fill their gas up with gas, they think about gasoline. That’s because gasoline is the most widely used type of fuel for cars in the United States. But there are actually lots of other different yet bizarre types of fuel for your car. Some of these fuels aren’t really viable […]

The Drive Is On For the Electric Sports Car

“Electric” is the new buzzword among car makers all over the world. The desire for clean, green transportation is prompting manufacturers to look at many alternatives to fossil fuel engines. From hydrogen-based vehicles to compressed air engines to cars that run on used cooking oil, the world is trying to get away from petroleum. The […]

5 Cars You’ll Never Be Able To Afford

The most expensive car on record that ever sold at auction is the 1931 Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe. This car sold for £4.87 million in 1987, which is more than $7.7 million. Today, adjusted for inflation, the price is more along the lines of $8.7 million. Most cars available for purchase today will never reach […]