The Benefits of Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Car

You’re a savvy used-car shopper. You’ve checked and, and found the best price for a pre-owned Ford Explorer. It’s in Maine and you live in New York. The savings outweigh the cost of the trip. Then you check CARFAX. A giant exclamation point appears in the accident history line. You call the dealership […]

How to Spot a Used Car With Hurricane Damage

Many car owners stuck with owning a hurricane-damaged vehicle find themselves with only one option: sell. Buyers beware however since all hurricane-damaged cars are more susceptible to major component failures. As a result of shady car salesman, as opposed to reliable dealerships, many states have laws that expressly forbid anyone from selling a hurricane-damaged car […]

When Buying a Car is a Bad Decision

Millions of consumers purchase a car each and every year. These individuals purchase a wide variety of vehicles for a number of different reasons. While most consumers who purchase a vehicle are extremely happy with their purchase, some individuals regret buying a car. There are a number of reasons that individuals should not buy a […]

Buying a Vehicle – Learn How to Negotiate the Best Price On the Dealer’s Lot

        For auto buying novices it’s a jungle out there.  What do expert wholesale buyers in the auto trade recommend when it comes time to “do the deal”?          When negotiating a vehicle’s price you have two magic bullets in your arsenal.           First you have firmly entrenched in your mind’s eye your “target price” […]

What you need to know when choosing a commercial vehicle

If you’re thinking of buying a commercial vehicle, then there are few things you should think about. Of course, buying commercial vehicles is in many ways similar to buying cars. However, there are a some considerations that are different. The very fact that buying a van or other commercial vehicle means effectively buying the key […]

4 Cars Your Teens Will Love You For

Let’s be honest: If you’re a teen wanting your own car, and your parents are thinking about getting you one, you definitely want a “supercar” featuring full-on TV viewing with Cable; DVD-playing; a laser cannon on top; sleek, sexy, slick design; with speeds of up to 500 MPH; which is powered by nothing more than […]