Buying a Vehicle – Learn How to Negotiate the Best Price On the Dealer’s Lot

        For auto buying novices it’s a jungle out there.  What do expert wholesale buyers in the auto trade recommend when it comes time to “do the deal”?

         When negotiating a vehicle’s price you have two magic bullets in your arsenal.

          First you have firmly entrenched in your mind’s eye your “target price” that is the maximum price that you are willing to pay.

This is not unlike knowing the highest price you will pay when you attend an auction or knowing how high you will go if you are bidding on an item you want to buy on eBay.

             Second it’s a rule of thumb for commercial buyers and management services that they request a number of bids from competing suppliers.  Why should you not do the same?  In this era the internet makes it real simple – either online at car-buying websites, by phone (phone calls are cheap especially at night off – peak rates), or if you are still shy there are services and professionals either in your local area, or on the net who will do this service for you for a fee that pales in relation to how much your car buying exercise savings will be.

            Here is the beauty.  Once you have done your research work getting the best price you don’t necessarily have “to leave the farm”.  There are many people, and you may be in this mix, that either wish to buy locally, talk to the salesperson directly, or have to touch the product physically or they won’t buy. That is your preference and it’s fair enough, and it should be respected.

               Yet how can you get that “better deal” and still stay at home – and have service guaranteed by the selling dealership?

                 Simply visit your local automobile dealerships, find the car, truck or SUV of your preference.  Once you are down to brass tacks of price on the bottom line, simply pull out your best price sheets and compare the two. 

                   In an ideal world the dealership would match the lowest price.  Yet it seldom works out that way. Dealerships have costs – including the salesperson doing the deal and giving you service whereas to the internet seller – it’s found business out of nowhere – a bonus.    Most likely your local dealership does have real costs of doing business in your area and you should appreciate that.

                  In the end with a fair amount of back and forth “I must talk to my manager “most likely you will end with a price a lot lower than you would have had otherwise. This price to you of your new or premium used vehicle will in all likelihood be in the middle between the low end “clearance” or “rock bottom  sacrifice “ price and the dealer’s previous apparently rock solid cannot go lower price.

                    You as an auto consumer should have a much better deal than you first anticipated as you drive off the dealer’s lot and your tires hit the pavement.  Enjoy your new automobile. In all likelihood it will give many years of reliable transportation and many miles.

Trevor B. Watkins

Edmonton Used Car Dealers

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