Bizarre New Forms of Fuel for Cars

When most people want to fill their gas up with gas, they think about gasoline. That’s because gasoline is the most widely used type of fuel for cars in the United States. But there are actually lots of other different yet bizarre types of fuel for your car. Some of these fuels aren’t really viable for various reasons, while others are great fuels but just haven’t caught on.

One type of unusual fuel can be made from soybeans, vegetable oil and animal fats. This type of fuel is a diesel fuel and can be used for trucks. It’s a great alternative to petroleum based fuels since it’s clean and nontoxic. This biodiesel fuel is actually already in use in some places because unlike other engines that use petroleum based fuels, a diesel engine doesn’t need to be modified to use this fuel.

Due to the widespread use of gasoline, a liquid, most people are under the impression that fuel for cars has to be in a liquid form. However, this isn’t true. Some types of gases can be used to fuel cars as well. One type of gas fuel is produced from sawdust. The sawdust is then fed into something called a wood gasifier that is attached to the car, which turns the solid sawdust into wood gas. Who would have ever thought that something as insignificant as sawdust could be used as a fuel?

Some people already own cars that can utilize alternative fuels but don’t even know it. Many people own E85 flex-fuel cars. These cars can either be run on gasoline or E85 ethanol. E85 ethanol is a type of fuel that contains 85% ethanol derived from corn and 15% gasoline. E85 ethanol is a clean fuel that can be produce within the United States instead of being shipped in from another country. The downside is that this type of fuel is more expensive to make than gasoline and can’t be found in that many places.

One of the coolest types of alternative fuels is made of garbage. In California, the Waste Management’s Altamont Landfill takes their garbage, liquefies and purifies it, and then uses it to fuel their trucks. This facility produces up to 13,000 gallons of gas a day!

Some creative scientists came up with the idea of trying to use algae as a fuel. Algae is particularly attractive as a biofuel as opposed to corn because algae farmers can use land ill suited to other agricultural efforts, while corn farmers have to use up land that someone could be producing food on. Algae farming is also appealing because it can use ocean water and wastewater instead of freshwater, and requires less land than crops like corn and soy beans.


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