Bizarre Car Theft Stories

Having your car stolen is a terrible ordeal. The feeling you get when you arrive at the parking spot where you left your vehicle and seeing nothing but air is a difficult thing to digest. Many people will walk around hoping that they had actually parked somewhere else, but eventually reality sets in and you know you are in for weeks of inconvenience. If you have a vehicle tracking system installed, there is a decent chance you could get your car back, but for other people, you will normally have to claim through your insurance, pay a hefty excess amount and wait for the entire process to be completed.

As traumatic as it sounds, things can always be worse. To prove this, we have found some of the most astonishing auto theft stories around. Surprisingly, bizarre thefts and a lack of clothing go hand-in-hand:

  • The riot starter:

Sylvina Beagley, of Utah, must have woken up feeling particularly adventurous. Exiting her home in her birthday suit, she decided to get into her car for the ultimate joy ride. After spotting a man hanging up a sign on the Highway 111, she stopped her car, got out, jumped into his car and sped away – still completely naked. The shocked man got into her car and gave chase while calling the police. Sylvina then crashed the man’s car and fled into the surrounding grassland. Police arrived and said she was bloody, sweaty, dirty and still naked. She managed to slip through the grasp of two officers and then stole one of their vehicles. Speeding off, Sylvina ended her journey by ramping the police vehicle off of a dirt berm, went airborne and smashed into another berm, writing the vehicle off. Police decided that there would be no more fun for the day and swiftly tasered her before taking her into custody. Although drugs or alcohol were not suspected, Sylvina had to undergo medical assessments.

  • Thief gets and eye full:

A thief in Hawaii got more than he bargained for when he robbed a couple on holiday. Suspect, Lanaki Adric, allegedly stole items from a tent on Mokuleia Beach where a couple was camping. The female victim said she was walking back to the tent, completely naked, when she saw Adric running with some of her personal belongings. The thief then jumped into their rental car at which point the enraged victim jumped onto the bonnet of the car. After swerving to try and get her off, Adric eventually stopped, took her off the bonnet, got back in and started to drive again. The persistent victim refused to give up though and grabbed onto the driver’s handle. Adric continued to drive, which in turn saw her dragged for a while before she let go. She was treated for minor cuts and bruises, but Adric was less lucky when the stolen car was found in a field nearby where witnesses gave chase. Police contacted the owner of another car near the scene of the crime and it turned out that a friend had leant it to Adric, and the victim swiftly picked him out of a photo lineup.

  • Suspected thief hitches a ride – to jail:

Lloyd Wright, a 31-year-old suspected car thief, managed to elude officers for a short while after he was spotted getting into a car that was reported as stolen, but his poor judgement would let him down. Wright must have forgotten where he parked his stolen vehicle though because he tapped on the window of a car to ask for a ride. The driver, an undercover cop who recognised the suspect, politely agreed and took him straight to prison.

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