The Drive Is On For the Electric Sports Car

“Electric” is the new buzzword among car makers all over the world. The desire for clean, green transportation is prompting manufacturers to look at many alternatives to fossil fuel engines. From hydrogen-based vehicles to compressed air engines to cars that run on used cooking oil, the world is trying to get away from petroleum. The […]

5 Cars You’ll Never Be Able To Afford

The most expensive car on record that ever sold at auction is the 1931 Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe. This car sold for £4.87 million in 1987, which is more than $7.7 million. Today, adjusted for inflation, the price is more along the lines of $8.7 million. Most cars available for purchase today will never reach […]

How Young Drivers Can Cut Down On Motoring Costs

Guest post by Jennifer: High motoring costs and young drivers, these two go hand in hand and have done for quite some time. As someone starting out in life, most likely with a low income and possibly in full time education, there couldn’t be a worse time to be faced with these costs. Unfortunately they’re […]

How to Keep Your Car Warranty Valid

If you already have a warranty on your vehicle than you already know how much money it can save you… not to mention the peace of mind if provides.  But you also need to make sure that you keep your car warranty valid so that your protection plan is not voided.  Here are a few […]

Yes, you CAN get a warranty for your high mileage vehicle.

There are actually warranties that will cover any car, any year, not matter how many miles are on it. This being said most of the time it will only be a mechanical breakdown warranty and “wear and tear” will not be included. They cannot include “wear and tear” on a really old car because, let’s […]