7 Pieces of Tech Your Need For Your Car

In our techno-filled world, we’ve become obsessed with anything with computer chips in it. Gadgets have become a way of life, and we’ve seen many exciting gadgets coming into our cars. Here’s a few of the best. Apple iPad No self-respecting gadget fan can be without an Apple device for any longer than a few […]

Five-Minute Guide To Your Vehicle’s Sensors

Your car is equipped with a computer known as the powertrain control module (PCM). This component influences the performance of your engine, ensuring it operates at peak efficiency regardless of driving conditions. The PCM adjusts ignition timing, idle speed, and the amount of fuel allowed into the cylinders based on information it collects during operation. […]

Do You Need a Car Cover on Your Vehicle?

The simple answer is that if you park your car in a garage and you drive it frequently, you probably don’t. If you park your car outside and you want to keep it in the best possible condition, then you will want to consider purchasing a car cover . Car Covers can serve several benefits […]

How to make a car more appealing

Nearly everyone who owns an automobile wants it to look great. For one, having a nice looking car can bring up the value of the car. Another benefit of making your car more appealing is, it becomes more presentable. Which in return can make a person stand out at a job interview or in other […]

Temporary Car Insurance And The Peter Principle

Is the Tory-Lib coalition government coming up against the Peter Principle?  Health Minister Andrew Lansley cut a lonely figure in the House of Commons as he announced that the government would review/delay the proposed NHS reforms.  Not one single senior member of cabinet sat anywhere near him when he explained  the benefits of the proposal […]