15 Reasons Not To Tow A Vehicle

Whether it’s amateurs who don’t know what they’re doing or so-called professionals who have potentially even less of a clue, towing doesn’t always work out. In some cases it can cause expensive damage and be incredibly dangerous. Below are some very good reasons for why towing can be very bad. 1.) Incorrectly fitted towing equipment […]

Why NYC Drivers are Dumber Than North Carolina Drivers

Unfortunately, North Carolina motorists did not display excellent scores for the GMAC Insurance NDT (National Driver’s Test) for 2011; however, they seemed to have done finer than their equals in New York did. Those details were one of the outcomes distributed on Thursday from Winston Salem-based GMAC Insurance. The chief result was that almost 1/5 […]

The Top 5 Vehicle Accidents in the ‘Final Destination’ Series

Final Destination brought a whole new concept to horror fans back in 2002, rather than focusing on the tangible, visible protagonist, Final Destination portrayed the idea of a silent, relentless and insidious killer, death himself. The film focused on a group of friends flying to Paris, one of the bunch pre-empts a fatal plane crash […]

What you need to know when choosing a commercial vehicle

If you’re thinking of buying a commercial vehicle, then there are few things you should think about. Of course, buying commercial vehicles is in many ways similar to buying cars. However, there are a some considerations that are different. The very fact that buying a van or other commercial vehicle means effectively buying the key […]

Making Teen Car Insurance Affordable

These days, most people are looking to save as much money as possible. This is even the case with car insurance. If you have a teen driver, it can be extremely costly to insure him or her. Take a look at the following tips to help cut down the costs that you will have to […]