Are Car Dealer Warranties Really Safe?

The truth of the matter is that most car dealer warranties make you get your car repaired at the dealership. This might sound like a good thing until you are left stranded and have to use another mechanic. And if the car dealership goes out of business you are left holding the bag. We all saw how many car dealerships closed up with the recession so this is a very likely scenario.

Oh, and did I mention that you can save up to 60% off car dealership prices if you buy one directly online? Why is it so much cheaper to buy direct? Well the real question is why is it so expensive when buying from the dealer? And that is because they are just middle men who mark up the prices of these warranties.

And not only are they more expensive, they also don’t offer as much coverage. For instance, rarely will a car dealer offer a warranty covering over-heating. And that’s a pretty critical thing to cover on any vehicle. They don’t want to tell you that you really don’t HAVE to buy the warranty through them on that day. You are much better off just buying your own directly from the warranty company instead of dealing with comission hungry dealerships.

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