8 Ways You Shouldn’t Try To Wash Your Car

If you’re lucky enough to own a car in this climate then you’ve done well. You’ve managed to save one of your precious materialistic items – thumbs up! However, now that you’ve kept it, you’re probably going to have to clean it. Sounds easy, right? Don’t be so sure; just look at some of the epic fails this lot have been producing whilst washing their pride and joy.

Automated washer

Using an automated machine to wash your car for you is fine. It’s a cheap, reliable way of keeping your motor nice and shiny, but what happens when it all goes wrong? Well, drivers who own slightly less aspirational cars will be able to testify; it can all go horribly wrong very quickly.

Look at the anguish in this guy’s face. BUY ANOTHER CAR!


The Ferrari fail

The neighbours hate you, your friends secretly despise you and the boss thinks you’ve won the lottery; what have you done? You’ve bought yourself a Ferrari! Ooo and it’s an old ‘en as well. Nice. It’s probably a good idea to clean it, right? Yeah you clean that Ferrari that you definitely, 100% own.


Another auto!

If anyone can explain what this guy is actually doing in this clip, it’d be much appreciated. Seriously, is he mentally a little bit different? Come-on!

Sometimes, some people should not be given driving licenses. They are a danger to us all!


Absolute idiot!

If you’ve ever been inside one of the auto car washes, you’ll know they typically drag you along the floor without you needing to accelerate. It’s really simple. Nobody could ever get it wrong…

And then this idiot comes along and ruins everyone’s day – including the driver in front of them! Carnage follows and, no doubt, a rather large insurance claim, to boot.


Bird poo

Not so much a way not to wash your car, more a “dude, seriously, wash your car”. Have you ever seen so much bird poo in a concentrated area? What happened? Did a flock of 18 foot Pterodactyls fly by and decide they needed lay one down? Did one of those big Pokemon bird things have a vindaloo the night previous and got into some stomach squirms whilst flying over whatever European town that is?

Whatever did it, the owner will have a job of getting rid of it all. Imagine the jet wash attendant’s face after this guy pulls in for a wash!

Two guys and a car

That’s one provocative scene: two men, a car and lots of water. Sounds like the premise to any great homo-erotic classic, doesn’t it? That’s until the idiot part of their brain kicks in and all hell breaks loose. If you don’t laugh at this and don’t want to share it to your friends with the sideline “lmfao!!!”, then you have lost all the will to live.



You shouldn’t laugh, but you will! There are few things in life that give other people pleasure better than watching someone else fall. It’s just an epic moment in time for everyone involved – apart from the fallee.


Cheap but that’s ridiculous!

Being poor is nothing to be ashamed of, but come-one, this takes the biscuit, doesn’t it? This guy is so cheap he uses the petrol-station’s squeegee to clean off his entire car!! Go inside and buy yourself some shampoo for £1.50. At least then you can say you’ve put in some hard work.


And some others:





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