7 Pieces of Tech Your Need For Your Car

In our techno-filled world, we’ve become obsessed with anything with computer chips in it. Gadgets have become a way of life, and we’ve seen many exciting gadgets coming into our cars. Here’s a few of the best.

Apple iPad

No self-respecting gadget fan can be without an Apple device for any longer than a few minutes. If it’s not an iPhone pressed into your ear, it’s a Mac burning your private areas – and now there’s a new kid on the block. If you drive a lot but also like to use the web – when you’re stationary – the Apple iPad is the perfect companion.

With thousands of games, apps and that big, beautiful screen, it’ll keep you amused and in-the-know for all those times when the other half needs to stop at a service station.

HTC Desire

Why would you need a mobile in your car when you’re driving? Well, it’s with good reason; the HTC Desire comes with a pre-loaded gadget called “WiFi Hotspot” which allows your mobile phone to become its own WiFi hotspot. This means the kids can connect to your mobile internet connection through their laptops – which, in turn, means the kids are quite and you can concentrate on driving. Brilliant, just brilliant.

Parrot Bluetooth

Bluetooth devices have become a necessity over the years thanks to the new laws that prevent us from driving whist using our mobiles. So, what’s the best gadget to solve this problem? Well, the trusted name of Parrot is probably the best way to go.

After a simple installation you’ll be able to ring and chat in a legal and safe manner. Who said being safe isn’t cool?

Rolls-Royce-style headlining

Bit of a pipedream this one, but if you’re feeling flush, why not buy some Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead-style headlining? Using fibre-optics and 1600 LEDs, the mood lighting in the Phantom can be as temperamental as you are.

Sure, it isn’t cheap, but who cares? Just look at the stars and fade away into the land of nod.

TV headrests

If you’ve got kids, you’ll probably know it’s almost impossible to keep them quite on a journey – even if it’s to McDonalds. But there are ways around it. Spend a bit of dosh and you can implant some small TVs into the back of your car’s headrests – that’ll shut them up. Even better, it’ll annoy your friends, too, because they’ll assume you’ve come into money. So really it’s a two birds with one stone gadget. What more can you ask for?


If you want the ultimate in gadgets for your car, you should look to the Italians. Ferrari since the F430, have been giving us the best gadget for any car – the Manettino. This little switch is all you need in your life. It controls everything from traction control, throttle response and the computer’s lenience to let you have fun.

Sure, to get your hands on the switch you’re going to have to buy a £100,000 Ferrari, but if you’re passionate about gadgets…

Remote start

This gadget is seen heavily on big American SUVs, but here in Blighty, we’re not too familiar. So, what does it do? Well, effectively, you get a small button on your car key; press it and you can start the engine even if you’re not in the car!

How cool’s that? Now robbers can take your car without the danger of you being in the firing line!

This article was put together with the help of Netcars, a used car search engine in the UK.

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