6 Tips for Detailing Your Car

Have you ever given your car a very deep and intensive clean and still been somewhat displeased by the results? Perhaps you’ve seen all these car adverts with wax products that seem like miracle workers but when you use them on your car they aren’t all that great? Well, here are a few tips you may wish to add to your car cleaning regime. They might help you reach that seemingly unattainable level of car cleaning that you long for.



Clean Regularly


To get your car looking like you want it to, it is a good idea to clean it on a regular basis. That doesn’t mean waking up early every morning before you take it out to give it a good scrub; it means creating a schedule that allows you to maintain it during your free time. Build the schedule around your life so that when you have some free time your car doesn’t get neglected.



Drive Carefully


If you want your car to look brand spanking new after a good cleaning, then you have to avoid damaging it; no amount of washing can take away a dirty big dent mark scarred with paint from that pole that came out of nowhere! By the same token, it is also very important to avoid little scratches on your car. Drive carefully and do your best to avoid any situations in which your car can be scratched. For example, try not to park next to thick bushes or in areas where birds are likely to leave nasty presents.



Rinse First


Also be aware that you can actually damage your car during the washing process. This is because particles of dust and dirt are abrasive, and can leave scratch marks on your paint while you wash. Furthermore, over time this also dulls the paint job. So before you start applying pressure with a cloth and soap, make sure you give it a good rinsing off first.



Softly, Softly


Whenever you wash your car it is a good idea to make sure you never use any abrasive cloths or materials. Perhaps surprisingly, this includes sponges; washing with a sponge is liable to leave swirl marks everywhere that can only be removed through professional polishing. Try to use high quality products on your car too; spending that little bit extra on the more expensive products can sometimes be the difference you’re looking for. Also, try and buy products that allow you to wash your care the eco friendly way.



Love Thy Plastics


Make sure you clean the plastic parts on your car with products that are recommended for use on plastics. Do not use wax on these surfaces as it tends to leave them looking extremely dull. Use cotton ear buds or q-tips to get into hard to reach parts to make sure that they get cleaned too. Examples include the fins on the air vents, the dashboard, and other little crevices.



Never Stop Learning


When buying your car cleaning products, don’t be afraid to ask the store attendants for their tips and advice on getting your car looking that much better. There’s a wealth of information available in books and other online resources too, so if you’ve got the passion to learn then you can increase your level of expertise quite quickly. Lastly, remember that practice makes perfect, so don’t forget to keep your schedule well oiled and your car looking great.




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