4 Cars Your Teens Will Love You For

Let’s be honest:

If you’re a teen wanting your own car, and your parents are thinking about getting you one, you definitely want a “supercar” featuring full-on TV viewing with Cable; DVD-playing; a laser cannon on top; sleek, sexy, slick design; with speeds of up to 500 MPH; which is powered by nothing more than toilet paper. That’s ideal. We can all admit to that. As teenagers, we are idealists.

But hold on: What about what the parent wants? Usually if you get an automobile for your teen, it needs to emphasize safety and cost, so what do you do? If you’re a parent, here are your choices to satisfy not only yourselves but your teens as well- just make sure you have strong car insurance policies since these are pretty speedy and fast 🙂

Saturn Astra

Think of the times when you were doing the road portion of your Driver’s Ed classes and how scary it was to merge onto the highway. Naturally, your parents would want you to be secure, so. . . . Enter: the Saturn Astra, a particularly powerful model car sporting a 1.8 liter engine that and handy suspension allowing for easy maneuvering in and out of the freeway, around cars, successfully avoiding crashes and a financial headache for your parental units.

Oh, and it has pretty racy looks, too. Let’s not forget the Astra’s standard six airbags and anti-lock brakes as well.

Pontiac G5

Here’s a bet: Whether you’re a teenager or adult, for some odd reason whenever you hear the word “Pontiac,” you immediately think “sporty,” right? Right. The G5 is no exception. The benefit for parents is its cost efficiency both on the downpayment check and on the gas tank. Its interior is distraction free, too; because everyone knows that teens can get sort of distracted sometimes! Anti-lock brakes come standard, too.

Pontiac Vibe

Going back to the essence that is Pontiac, nothing beats a look that can match an Aston Martin. Think James Bond. Every teen loves the guy. The Vibe does exactly what a teen wants without sacrificing safety. Coming standard with an ESC System, Anti-lock brakes, and the six airbags, you’ve got the whole package–even all-wheel-drive. It’s a particularly large vehicle, too, providing space for high school friends to come along and have your teen show off the cool car.

The Ford Focus

Inexpensive, fun, and rather cute – that’s the name of the game with the Focus, the last but certainly not least of the cars on our list. Handy for parents to get and maintain for the teen, it really doesn’t sacrifice much style in the sense that it comes with a feature most teens would love: the innovative SYNC system! Try to imagine your iPod or cell phone hooked up while you drive the Focus and using your voice to command whatever tune you want to hear, or call whoever you want to call while still keeping your hands on the wheel. Pretty slick, no?

Surprise your teen. Yes, it’s pricier than getting that clunky, inexpensive car with bubble wrap all around it, but do your kid a favor. Get the best of both worlds: safety and style, while saving your money.
-Stephen Cline
Contributor: http://www.economiccrisisblog.com/

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