3 Fantastically Awesome And Successful Car Commercials

Often you will find that a great car advertisement could be the thing that pushes a person to buy the car or simply go with another model of even a rival company. Although serious car buyers are often unaffected by television adverts it is safe to say that people that want a new car and have little or no knowledge of the industry will be heavily influenced by what they see on the television.

With this in mind here are some of the best put together car advertisements that we have seen over the past few years.

Honda- The Cog


This advert was not only one of the most successful car advertisements in history but has now been recognised as one of the most successful advertisement campaigns in the world. The advert was followed up by over 10,000 enquiries for a brochure and a DVD copy of the 2 minute advertisement.

 The campaign was so successful that the website received more visits in one day than all of the competitors in a month and shot Honda up to the 2nd highest car site on the web.

Skodia Fabia- Cake Car


This advert is everything a great television ad needs to be; imaginative, ambitious and was something that was painstakingly crafted over a period of ten days. Costing around £500,000 to make it resulted in an increase in awareness of the brand as well as positive public opinion (something that was low before this advertisement was launched in 2007). It resulted in over 37,000 people visiting the Skoda website and a further 260,000 had viewed the clip on YouTube in no time at all.

Honda- Grrr


Grrr is an advertising campaign released by Honda to promote the i-CTDi dieseal engines within the UK and was produced with a budget of £600,000. Honda once again proved that they were rulers of successful car marketing as the company saw a 35% increase on sales of Honda products in the UK.

The sales of the diesel engine accords went from 518 units in 2003 to a mind blowing 21,766 units in 2004.

You will notice that all of these adverts have something in common; a lot of time, money and effort were poured into all of the campaigns. You will also find that the ideas are unique and have something that users either find incredibly interesting to watch or valuable to have as a customer.

Stop with the boring adverts of cars driving down a long road and bring more of these advertisements into play!


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