3 Best Places to Search for New Car Deals

3 Best Places to Search for New Car Deals

You may think that you aren’t really going to find a better deal if you travel to another town or city, but the truth is you very well might. Even a short distance (100 miles or less) can give you a huge savings opportunity when you are finding a new car.


If you really want to take advantage of new car deal and find the car of your dreams, it may mean booking a flight and planning on at least one night’s stay. That’s because the three best locations may not be that close to where you live (although one of them may be closer than you think).

1. Certain Metro Areas

These include the following: Tampa, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia; and Washington, DC in the East; San Francisco, California and Los Angeles, California in the west; and Dallas, Texas in central U.S.

2. The Southeast

Depending on the model you are considering, the Southeast might be a good bet. A search of new car deals revealed that people who live anywhere in the Southeast have more opportunities at better car deals than those who live just about anywhere else in the country.

There are, of course, a few exceptions to this, but on the average, the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North and South Caroline, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia are the ones where you will find the better new car deals.

The differences in car deals range from hundreds to thousands of dollars in cash back incentives, flexibility in choosing financial arrangements (in some instances, you have the opportunity to get an even better deal if you choose a very short—say, 24–36 months—financing period).

In addition, some of the new car deals offered in the Southeast throw in lower interest rates as well as higher cash back amounts. It’s not really necessary to learn how to say “y’all,” but you can if you want to. Either way, you’ll still get good deals.

3. Your Own Hometown

This may be especially true once you tell the dealer about the deals you can get simply by taking a day or overnight trip. In this instance, remember too that you may not even have to leave your home state. Again, traveling about 100 miles up or down the road may help you get the best deal when you’re finding your new car.

Your dealer may be restricted in some of the deals that can be offered, especially if the restrictions are dictated by geographic regions, but it’s for sure that any dealer who wants to make a sale and “keep the money at home” is going to be willing to negotiate with you in as many other areas as he can.

So, keep these places and this advice in mind when finding your new car. If you do have to travel, dealers in other states look forward to serving you. Shopping around is the best way to ensure that you get the best deal available on your new car.

Stephen Cline has an MBA and dual bachelors. He’s decided to step back from the corporate world (for a little while) to pursue his dream of writing full time (or at least until he needs money again). Check out the blog he contributes to- Economic Crisis Blog.

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