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Do You Know When To Change Your Tires?

Do you know when to change your tires? A family of six people with three cars inspired this article. When they brought two of their vehicles in for service, one of our mechanics immediately noticed that both cars needed their rubber replaced. When he approached the woman, she admitted that it had been a while, […]

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How to Buy New Cars and Not Get Taken for a Ride

Stepping into a dealership for a new car is like taking a dive in a shark tank. They’ll circle you, size you up, and before you know it, pressure you into purchasing or trick you into thinking they’re on your side and you’re getting a good deal. Before you look into buying new cars, take […]

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Will Out of State Dealerships Honor a Vehicle Warranty?

If you are like most others, you probably just assume that your vehicle warranty will be valid at out of state dealerships. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. If your life often feels like it’s dictated by Murphy’s Law, then you know that the one time that you will need repair work done, you […]

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Periodically Check the Air Pressures in Your Tires

                                It’s a standard recommendation that too few motorists and auto owners follow – to check their air pressures of their tires.  Simply checking your tire’s air pressures you will increase both your mpg gas mileages , extend the life span of your set of tires , improved ride and handling and perhaps as well […]

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The Real Cost of Owning a Car

If you look at the price tag on a car, you’ll figure out pretty quickly that cars are expensive. However, what people frequently don’t take into consideration is that cars actually cost more than what is listed on the price tag. This has led to many situations involving people saving up to buy new cars […]

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