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What Kind of Gas Should You Put in Your Car?

If you are like an abundance of other people, you probably assume that putting premium gas in your vehicle will make it last longer. In most cases, this is absolutely not true. If you are filling your tank constantly with premium gasoline and the vehicle is not designed for it, you’re really not doing anything […]

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What Questions to Ask About a Car Warranty

It is rather surprising and alarming how many people purchase an extended warranty and have absolutely no idea exactly what they’re buying. Either they are so excited about the purchase of the vehicle that they forget to ask or the salesperson or F&I Manager who is selling it to them simply hurried the process along. […]

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The World’s Top 10 Best Selling Cars

There have been millions of cars sold to date all around the world, but some were just so good that they made this list. It’s not always the most obvious cars that made this list because remember, it’s for the world. Count down with us and see if you can guess any of the cars […]

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Toyota: World’s Greenest Car Company

What does it mean to be named the greenest car company in the world? Well, statistically speaking, the ranked 64.19 points makes Toyota the leader overall, just ahead of the 3M Corporation. Among the top 20 companies, car manufacturers from Korea, Japan and Germany have been named as well a little car company from Detroit […]

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When Buying a Car is a Bad Decision

Millions of consumers purchase a car each and every year. These individuals purchase a wide variety of vehicles for a number of different reasons. While most consumers who purchase a vehicle are extremely happy with their purchase, some individuals regret buying a car. There are a number of reasons that individuals should not buy a […]

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