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Dodge Chrysler Ram Trucks Re-Dedefined the Word Trucks

 This year’s release of the 1500 series of Dodge Ram Truck by Chrysler became an instant hit. Typically individual looking for truck base their decision on their personal preferences plus their patriotism to certain auto trade name. This is true up until the previous year. However everything changed when this new Chrysler product was made […]

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The Natural Way to Fueling Cars

With the economy still in the gutter, unending strife in the Middle East, and OPEC with its 38-year and holding clutch on the U.S. with its dependence on foreign oil, it is a fact that many companies and organizations are spending upwards of billions of dollars on research and development for alternative and more efficient […]

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Some Of The Oldest Cars Still On The Road Today

Some of the Oldest Cars Still on the Road Today The motorcar as an invention has only been in existence just over 100 years – which really isn’t that long, at all. But during those years, we’ve seen huge advancements, massive improvements and incredible innovations. And just like the animal kingdom, cars tend to live […]

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The Problems with Car Insurance for Japanese Imports

There are benefits to owning imported cars like Japanese imports. Before taxes, the initial cost for the import is less than what you would pay for a non-imported car. A lot of Japanese imports perform better than American cars, and people love the bragging rights they have by owning a stylish and unique import. However, […]

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Water In Your Engine Oil & Other Dangers of Low Auto Lubrication Levels

 Most people take their oil lubrication system in their motors for granted.  Fill it up.  The gas pump jockey asks “Check your oil?”  The usual answer is either “its fine” or even if the dipstick is low – then “it’s ok”. It seems that if the orange or red oil idiot warning light on the […]

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Finding Affordable Car Insurance for Teenage Drivers

The day you’ve both dreamed of and dreaded for the last 16 years is here. Your teenager is ready to start driving. You appreciate the milestone your child has reached, yet it’s scary to think of your teen alone behind the wheel of a car. That’s not the only frightening detail, either – the cost […]

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