Why NYC Drivers are Dumber Than North Carolina Drivers

Unfortunately, North Carolina motorists did not display excellent scores for the GMAC Insurance NDT (National Driver’s Test) for 2011; however, they seemed to have done finer than their equals in New York did. Those details were one of the outcomes distributed on Thursday from Winston Salem-based GMAC Insurance. The chief result was that almost 1/5 […]

The Top 5 Vehicle Accidents in the ‘Final Destination’ Series

Final Destination brought a whole new concept to horror fans back in 2002, rather than focusing on the tangible, visible protagonist, Final Destination portrayed the idea of a silent, relentless and insidious killer, death himself. The film focused on a group of friends flying to Paris, one of the bunch pre-empts a fatal plane crash […]

What you need to know when choosing a commercial vehicle

If you’re thinking of buying a commercial vehicle, then there are few things you should think about. Of course, buying commercial vehicles is in many ways similar to buying cars. However, there are a some considerations that are different. The very fact that buying a van or other commercial vehicle means effectively buying the key […]