Buying a Vehicle – Learn How to Negotiate the Best Price On the Dealer’s Lot

        For auto buying novices it’s a jungle out there.  What do expert wholesale buyers in the auto trade recommend when it comes time to “do the deal”?          When negotiating a vehicle’s price you have two magic bullets in your arsenal.           First you have firmly entrenched in your mind’s eye your “target price” […]

5 Safe Driving Techniques for Bad Weather

Winter is here and could impair your normally easy drives around town. You’ll find, however, that your car is able to handle most inclement weather situations, as long as you know what to do behind the wheel. 1. Slow Down Speed limits are set according to a specific road’s safest driving speed on an average […]

15 Reasons Not To Tow A Vehicle

Whether it’s amateurs who don’t know what they’re doing or so-called professionals who have potentially even less of a clue, towing doesn’t always work out. In some cases it can cause expensive damage and be incredibly dangerous. Below are some very good reasons for why towing can be very bad. 1.) Incorrectly fitted towing equipment […]