How to make a car more appealing

Nearly everyone who owns an automobile wants it to look great. For one, having a nice looking car can bring up the value of the car. Another benefit of making your car more appealing is, it becomes more presentable. Which in return can make a person stand out at a job interview or in other […]

Temporary Car Insurance And The Peter Principle

Is the Tory-Lib coalition government coming up against the Peter Principle?  Health Minister Andrew Lansley cut a lonely figure in the House of Commons as he announced that the government would review/delay the proposed NHS reforms.  Not one single senior member of cabinet sat anywhere near him when he explained  the benefits of the proposal […]

Meet the BMW M5 Concept

The new BMW M5 concept certainly has heads turning. Although BMW stresses this as a concept vehicle, it looks almost ready for production, similar to what happened before the release of the BMW 6 Series Cabriolet recently, which was almost unchanged from the concept. Having gone back to the drawing board with the model, the […]

Bizarre Car Theft Stories

Having your car stolen is a terrible ordeal. The feeling you get when you arrive at the parking spot where you left your vehicle and seeing nothing but air is a difficult thing to digest. Many people will walk around hoping that they had actually parked somewhere else, but eventually reality sets in and you […]

4 Cars Your Teens Will Love You For

Let’s be honest: If you’re a teen wanting your own car, and your parents are thinking about getting you one, you definitely want a “supercar” featuring full-on TV viewing with Cable; DVD-playing; a laser cannon on top; sleek, sexy, slick design; with speeds of up to 500 MPH; which is powered by nothing more than […]