15 Reasons Not To Tow A Vehicle

Whether it’s amateurs who don’t know what they’re doing or so-called professionals who have potentially even less of a clue, towing doesn’t always work out. In some cases it can cause expensive damage and be incredibly dangerous. Below are some very good reasons for why towing can be very bad.

1.) Incorrectly fitted towing equipment can lead to the towed vehicle becoming detached. This can cause an accident (particularly if towing on busy roads) as well as vehicle damage (for example bumpers being pulled off). It’s bad enough that your vehicle is out of action in the first place. Having it suffer additional damage is like kicking a cat: cruel, unnecessary, somebody’s going to get angry and it will bite you in the proverbial butt (or literal if the cat has its way) through high repair fees. Just don’t do it.

2.) Did I mention that cat’s got a lawyer? You’re likely to get sued for damage to the towed vehicle or alternately you’ll need to have up-to-date towing insurance which can be expensive.

3.) The towing vehicle itself can also be damaged, for example through the towed vehicle hitting it from behind or burning out the engine trying to tow the vehicle.

4.) The towing vehicle can be dragged by the towed vehicle, for example on a slippery incline or because the towed vehicle is heavier. Many a driver has attempted to eke a caravan or other vehicle up an incline with a car that wasn’t up to the task. They’ve both come down a lot faster than they went up.

5.) In some cases you might need somebody to steer the towed vehicle but there’s no one to do it. Sitting in a towed vehicle is also potentially very dangerous.

6.) If somebody forgets to put the parking brake on when connecting vehicles for towing, well suffice to say the results aren’t likely to be pretty.

7.) The driver of the towing vehicle needs to remember that the vehicle is now effectively longer and that they have to drive accordingly. There is the very real possibility of not leaving enough space for wide turns when towing.

8.) It takes longer to stop while flat towing a vehicle which means you need to leave at least double the standard following distance between the towing vehicle and the vehicle ahead. Failing to do so can lead to serious accidents.

9.) Backing up while towing a vehicle can damage the tow bar.

10.) The towed vehicle may be damaged, such as brakes not working. This can be a safety hazard if the vehicle becomes detached.

11.) The towed vehicle can obscure the towing driver’s visibility and obscure the vehicle’s lights and turning indicators.

12.) Flat towing (all four wheels on the ground) can damage the vehicle being towed if it hasn’t been modified for such towing. The car is switched off but the transmission is still in gear so lubricating fluid is not being pumped. This can damage the gears and transmission.

13.) The situation can actually be made worse if towing is not done correctly. For instance not digging snow out from around tyres before towing can get the vehicle stuck even further. It’s therefore a good idea to carry a spade or trowel in the vehicle during periods of heavy snow. Even if you don’t end up using it to dig your car out, it can help in making an impressive snowman.

14.) The towed vehicle steering can lock if the engine is turned off, there’s no key in the ignition and the wheel is turned too much. Alternately the steering could be locked beforehand which could render towing ineffective.

15.) Towing with a rope is very dangerous, particularly if doing so on open roads where the car can swing uncontrollably into incoming traffic or people/objects on the side of the road. Exciting as this may seem in the movies, Superman isn’t really going to appear out of nowhere to save the day.

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